Wolf Cub Level

Thanks for not making us do a bake sale!



We Are Kind Level

The kind that don't want to make my child sell candy bars, wrapping paper, or coupon cards.



Chester Level

We're done with hitting up friends and family for donations. Chester would approve.



Battle of the Bands Groupie Level

Sad to miss Battle, but happy to not get a babysitter, buy tickets, and give up an evening.




I'm making this donation in appreciation of not having to sell anything, attend an event, buy a product or do anything except complete this form. Thank you for giving us our time back! Choose a donation amount in increments of $10.



Business Sponsorship

I have a business that would like to be a sponsor for $250, $500, $750, or $1,000 to help the school reach its goal. Choose a donation amount in increments of $250. Make sure to leave your business name and contact information in the notes.