Raising Money to Support Our Students and Teachers

Greetings Westchester Families! 

The Westchester Elementary PTA presents the Move-a-Thon! This fundraiser is a fun way to get your children off their chromebooks and get them moving!

The Move a Thon begins Saturday, October 17 and ends Thursday October 22 but Fundraising begins as soon as you can create your child’s page!

During this time, students use as much free time as possible to move their bodies. We will be tracking movements by the minute. For example, a child could log two minutes of jumping jacks, and five minutes of running. There is plenty of time during virtual learning breaks to get in some activity!

All kinds of activities can be tracked for this fundraiser. Walking, running, skateboarding, jumping rope, family dance party, cartwheels, soccer, badminton, building a fort, gardening, playing hide and seek..they all count! And these are just a sample of what your child could do.

Tracking your child’s activities will be easy. No forms to fill out. Everything will be entered online. Create a fundraising page below. 

Be active with your child and show them how much fun it is. If it is an option, have your child do group activities with siblings or members of their learning pod.


What Does My Family Do During the Move a Thon?

- Set goals. Make sure these goals work for your family. Challenging but not stressful. This will look different for each student. Can they run for 15 minutes? Have 200 active minutes in a day?

- Create a fundraising page

  • Showcase your student’s efforts and seek donations from friends and family all over the country.  

- Showcase your student’s efforts and seek donations from friends and family all over the country.  

- Ask for pledges

  • This can be done easily by sharing your fundraising page on social media
  • Pledges can be made in “dollar per minute of activity” or as a lump sum donation.
  • Fundraising begins now and runs through 10/25.
  • In addition to donating online, checks can be made payable to Westchester PTA and mailed to the school - Westchester Elementary PTA, 758 Scott Boulevard, Decatur GA, 30030

What the Move a Thon Supports:

  • Media Center and classroom materials
  • Teacher grants
  • “Equality Fund” to support students and staff in times of need
  • Wylde Center - A Westchester Partnership

Questions? Contact Katie Clarke at kdclarke313@gmail.com.

Time Goal: 9,515 Minutes

We have moved for 0 minutes!

Fundraising Goal: $4,600

Total Funds raised: $0

Great Job Westchester Wolves!

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