This is a great way to reinforce reading at home for the kids while helping raise money 

to support our students and teachers

Greetings Westchester Families! 

Read-a-Thon is one of the Westchester Elementary School PTA’s biggest fundraisers.  Our Read-a-Thon helps foster a sense of community and also grows the love of reading throughout our school.  All Westchester students are encouraged to participate! 

Read-a-Thon begins Monday, February 21st and ends Sunday, February 27th but Fundraising begins now!

 • During this time, students read by themselves or have someone read to them as much as possible.

 • Show your student how to turn ‘I’m bored’ time into reading time - wherever they are.

 • All reading counts! Students who are not yet reading or are emerging readers can have help with their reading. 

 • Siblings may read to each other.  Reading to pets is also a lot of fun.  

 • Students can choose books, graphic novels, magazines or whatever they like to read. The Decatur library is a great resource for finding new content. 

 • "Time spent reading books is the best predictor of a child's growth as a reader. Students who read more, read better." - Anderson, R. et al. Reading Research Quarterly. 1988.


What Does My Family Do During the Read a Thon?

 • Set goals. Make sure these goals work for your family. Challenging but not stressful.  This will look different for each student.  

 • Create a fundraising page (instructions attached) at and click on the "Read-A-Thon" tab. Make sure to enter the correct grade and teacher for each child during page set-up. This helps us accurately tally the minutes and assign prizes. Once your page is created it will need to be "approved" before it shows up on the website. Don't worry- this typically happens within 24 hours.

 • Log your student's minutes online through the fundraising page at by 9pm each evening.

 • Ask for pledges.

         ○ Showcase your student’s efforts and seek donations from friends and family all over the country by sharing it on social media and spreading the word.  

         ○ Pledges can be made in “dollar per minute read” or as a lump sum donation. 

         ○ Fundraising begins 1/27 and runs through 2/28.

         ○ Checks made payable to Westchester PTA can also be sent to the school.

What the Read a Thon Supports:

 • Quality KN95/ KF94 masks for students.

 • Field trips for ALL Westchester students.

 • Visiting artists and experts for Learning Expeditions.

 • “Equality Fund” to support students and staff in times of need.

 • Wylde Center - A Westchester Partnership.

Questions? Contact us at

Time Goal: 500 Minutes

We have moved for 0 minutes!

Fundraising Goal: $300

Total Funds raised: $0

Great Job Westchester Wolves!

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