Fuss-Free Fundraiser


To NOT sell anything as a Westchester Elementary Fundraiser. Don't sell pies. Don't sell coupon books. Don't clip coupons or count minutes. Join us in spirit only and show your appreciation for not being asked to do ANYTHING AT ALL by donating to the WE PTA. 

The spring at Westchester Elementary has traditionally brought with it excitement for our largest fundraiser of the year – Battle of the Bands! This fundraiser typically raised around $15,000 for the PTA to help fund important things like field trips, teacher workshops, electronics, media center necessities, and more. Although we know that Westchester rocks, this year is different. 

Due to the uncertainty with the ongoing pandemic, we do not feel an in-person large gathering would be appropriate. Instead, we have decided to do a Fuss-Free Fundraiser. We hope to raise $10,000 for the school starting on April 11, 2022 to help ongoing efforts to support our teachers, students, and staff. 

What is a Fuss-Free Fundraiser? 

It is a simple fundraiser with nothing to volunteer for, nothing to buy, and nothing to sell, and none of your time to give. No need to get a babysitter, spend time getting ready, or attend an event. Simply donate the money you may have spent on these activities directly to the PTA. Best of all- 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the school AND you get all that time back to your already busy lives!! It’s a win-win! We are raising funds for the PTA to be able to support the school in the following ways:

Picnic tables so our students can continue enjoying outdoor lunches!

STEM projects

Classroom and media center materials 

Community events to enrich our lives

There are multiple ways to make a contribution: 

1) Print and return the completed form below with a check in your student’s school folder or drop it at the school 

2) Pay via PayPal (PayPal account: PTA4Westchester@gmail.com) or by scanning this QR Code: 

PayPal QR Code

3) By visiting https://westchesterpta.org/product-category/fuss-free-fundraiser/ (or click on "Store" in the menu bar above)

Fuss-Free doesn’t mean Fun-Free!

We have several exciting, surprise prizes when we reach each level towards our goal of $10,000! So let’s go ahead and work towards the first level of $2500! GO WOLVES!!

___ $25 (Wolf Cub Level) – Thanks for not making us do a bake sale!

___ $50 (We Are Kind Level) – The kind that don’t want to make my child sell candy bars, wrapping paper, or coupon cards. 

___ $75 (Chester Level) – We’re done with hitting up friends and family for donations. Chester would approve. 

___ $100 (Battle of the Bands Groupie Level) – Sad to miss Battle, but happy to not get a babysitter, buy tickets, and give up an evening. 

___ $Other – I’m making this donation in appreciation of NOT having to sell anything, attend an event, buy a product, or do anything except complete this form. Thank you for giving us our time back!

______$ Business Sponsorship – I have a business that would like to be a sponsor for $100, $250, $500, or $1000 to help the school reach its goal. Check out details at WestchesterPTA.org and write down your donation amount above.

Individual or Family Name (or write “anonymous”): ___________________________________________

Student name(s): ______________________________________________________________________

Grade(s)/ Teacher(s): ___________________________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________________

  Questions? Contact us at jessicahelenmurdock@gmail.com.

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Total Funds raised: $0

Great Job Westchester Wolves!

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