Westchester PTA

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Welcome to the Westchester PTA! Whether you're a returning family or new to our school, we are excited to have you as part of the Westchester community. We hope this site will provide valuable information on what we do and ways to get involved.

Please join the Westchester PTA today!  Use the school code: WCWolves
Join the new Westchester PTA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Westchester-Elementary-PTA-108162781662988
Upcoming Events:


MOVE-A-THON: Move-A-Thon is Nov. 14-20, 2021. Start your fundraising page now by clicking on the Move-a-Thon link at the top menu bar. 

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 22-26

We encourage all families to join the PTA (and renew annually). Why? Your membership makes you part of a parent community that serves the diverse needs of our students, teachers, and staff by:

Providing the school with special items that are outside normal district funding, taking stress off our teachers and allowing our students to experience a more immersive learning environment.

Your Westchester PTA funds initiatives such as:

  • Media center + classroom materials; student lockers and facility improvements
  • Multiple teacher grants; field trips + birthday celebrations for all students
  • Community events
  • Ongoing staff appreciation support + community event funding
  • Free field trips for all kids and free field trip t-shirts for kindergarten and new students
  • Refurbished Westchester sign (Completed 2019/2020 school year)
  • Sent 8 teachers to the National EL Education Conference (2019/2020 school year)
  • Wylde Center Partnership
  • Purchased headphones for every student (2019/2020 school year)
  • Equity fund for teachers and students
  • Paid for portion of DEF grants not covered
  • Teacher of the Year professional learning opportunity


Move-A-Thon is Nov. 14-20

Raising Money to Support Our Students and Teachers

The Westchester Elementary PTA presents the second annual Move-a-Thon! This fundraiser is a fun way to get your children off their screens and get them moving!

The Move-a-Thon Fundraising begins as soon as you can create your child’s page! During this time, students use as much free time as possible to move their bodies.

How does it work?

We will be tracking movements by the minute. For example, a child could log two minutes of jumping jacks, and five minutes of running.

All kinds of activities can be tracked. Walking, running, jumping rope, family dance party, cartwheels, soccer, building a fort, playing hide and seek- they all count!

Tracking your child’s activities will be easy. No forms to fill out! Everything will be entered online by creating a fundraising page (see below).

We encourage you to be active with your child and show them how much fun it is. If it is an option, have your child do group activities with siblings or members of the family.

New this year: Move-a-Thon Bingo! Get a “Bingo” by completing the activities in a full row, column, or diagonal line. Request a bingo card and submit completed bingo cards to jessicahelenmurdock@gmail.com and they will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

What Does My Family Do During the Move a Thon?

Set goals. Make sure these goals work for your family. The idea is for your goals to be challenging, but not stressful. This will look different for each student. Can they run for 15 minutes? Have 200 active minutes in a day?

Create a fundraising page. Showcase your student’s efforts and seek donations from friends and family all over the country. This can be done easily by sharing your fundraising page on social media. Pledges can be made in “dollar per minute of activity” or as a lump sum donation. In addition to donating online, checks can be made payable to Westchester PTA and mailed to the school - Westchester Elementary PTA, 758 Scott Boulevard, Decatur GA, 30030.

Log minutes through the website each day by 9pm to be eligible for daily prizes. Any active minutes entered after 9pm will not count for that day, but will count towards the total for the week.

What are the Prizes?

Daily prizes:

- Class in each grade with the most minutes for each day: Teacher wears a cape for the day

- Individual student in each grade with the most active minutes for the day before: WE metal water bottle

Overall prizes:

- All participants: Certificate

-Student in each class with the most overall minutes: $10 gift certificate to Butter and Cream and lunch w/ Ms. Manasso and Coach Henry

- Top class with overall minutes: Class doughnut party and extra PE move day

- Top fundraiser: $25 gift certificate to Butter and Cream

Bingo winner:

- Bingo card completion: Jump rope

- Random winner from drawing of students who completed bingo card: $10 gift certificate to Butter and Cream

What the Move a Thon Supports:

Media Center and classroom materials

Teacher grants to fund Continuing Education, conferences, and more

“Equity Fund” to support teachers, students, and staff in times of need

Wylde Center - A Westchester Partnership

Ongoing Staff Appreciation events

Field trips for students

Questions? Contact Jessica Murdock at Jessicahelenmurdock@gmail.com

Thank You to our sponsors: